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Common Questions

Does Legacy offer any guarantees?

Legacy is confident in our customer service and credit repair abilities but we do not offer a guarantee. We do, however, offer a Warranty on our services.

Some companies guarantee the removal of all bad credit and that they can get anything deleted. No one can guarantee these results. Legitimate companies would make no such claims. Some companies may also offer a "full money-back" guarantee. Read the fine print.

As with any practice of law, Legacy Legal cannot guarantee any exact outcome to a client's case. It would be like a defense attorney guaranteeing that his client would be found "not guilty". Because each case has so many factors, making such a guarantee would be improper and misleading.

As a matter of fact, any credit repair company that guarantees success is not being honest with you. Those who do so are misleading their clients. Much of the key to the successful restoration of a person's credit is sheer persistence and know-how.

Legacy Legal is a firm of professionals that offer over 30+ years of experience and we stand committed to handling your case responsibly and professionally.

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